Do you want more Local Leads for your Business?

If the Answer is Yes !, Say Hello to Local Leads Studio your ally in growing your business

As a Small/Medium business or an individual entrepreneur, you lose out potential clients to bigger businesses who can run a ruthless advertising campaign on Google Adwords. You have two options

  • Rely on Adwords, to get your business and spend all your advertising budget on competing against the bigger brands for meagre clicks
  • Take things into your own hands and collect your own hyper-targeted leads and reach out to them proactively.

What do you choose?

I know you are a proactive businessperson, that’s the reason you are here, looking for new ways to bring in more clients for your business.

Local Leads Studio is made for proactive businessperson. It is made for you!

Google is the number 1 search engine across the world.

  • The average click-through rate in AdWords across all industries is 1.91% for search and 0.35% for display.
  • The average cost per click in AdWords across all industries is $2.32 for search and $0.58 for display.
  • The average conversion rate in AdWords across all industries is 2.70% for search and 0.89% for display.
  • The average CPA in AdWords across all industries is $59.18 for search and $60.76 for display.

Local Leads Studio can help you scrape UNLIMITED leads from Google Maps


With Local Leads Studio you get 100% control over your lead generation process. You choose which location, which keywords you wish to target. If some keywords not getting you the right audience, change it up. Mix and match. Do a hyper local targeting or a broad geographic targeting, it is all in your hands.


You can discover all the local business in the location you wish to target. Google has the largest database of all directories and search engines. It pulls in data not only from other directories but also from sources like Yelp, Yahoo, Better Business Bureau and more. No other source can give you as much data as Google can.


Local Leads Studio will scrape all the contact data for the business from Google Maps. You can contact them via phone, physical address or even their website. The data is 100% authentic and reliable. So you have the best chance of reaching out your local businesses using the data you scrape off Google with Local Leads Studio.


Local businesses are the perfect size for you to do business with. Larger enterprises have larger budget and can afford to work with the bigger fishes. However local businesses have a more modest budget and they are usually quite unaware of the digital space and it’s potential. These businesses are easy to convert and much less hassle to manage.

Do you want to make your advertising expenditure more fruitful?

Here’s how your current advertising budget is being wasted

  • Email lead list sold to you usually contain 70-80% useless data, wherein either the email ID is wrong, or defunct.
  • Mass mailers you sent to potential clients usually never make it to the inbox, as they are blocked by intelligent spam filters
  • Facebook and Google advertising are getting costly by the day. You pay for each click even if the click does not bring you any business.

With Local Lead Studio, you get 100% authentic data, an option to mass mail or individually contact each lead and best of all you get UNLIMITED LEADS in a limited budget!!!

What are you waiting for? Grab a Copy of Local Leads Studio now and take your business to the next level of success.

Get Instant Access to Local Leads Studio

Lifetime License

Unlimited Lead Generation

Just $247

Limited Time – $99 only

WHY SCRAPE GOOGLE MAPS? Let’s have a look at some figures

  1. 54% searches are conducted on Google
  2. 90% searches via Mobile are conducted on Google
  3. 100 countries is what Google operates in, 32 for Yelp!
  4. Google pulls in information from multiple data aggregators, like Foursquare and more. So it has maximum number of local business listing present. Also since Google is continuously crawling the web for latest information, the business listed on Google are real, active and have possibly the most accurate information.

Local Leads Studio is easy and effective to use. All you need to do is install a simple chrome extension and you are all set to locate and reach out to 1000’s of potential business leads.

No technical knowledge is required. You can handle it yourself or employ a VA to do it for you.

Here’s what Local Leads Studio can do for you:

Search for Local Leads Right Away:

Targeted real local leads are just a few clicks away from you with Local Leads Studio. Just install the chrome extension, and you are ready to roll.

Export the Data with 1 click

All the data is scraped and stored in a super easy excel format, which allows you to easily filter and format the data as per your requirement.

Get Local Leads from across the world

Local Leads Studio works with Google Chrome. So you can use it across any of the 100 countries in which Google operates.

No more manually searching for leads!


Why Buy Local Leads Studio?

Chrome extension

No need to download any bulky software onto your PC. Saves on your precious desk space! You can easily use it on any PC, anytime anyplace.

No Proxy or VPN required

Local Leads Studio is designed to work with manual intervention. Limited automation translates into simpler implementation. This also means you save money on proxies and VPN! No need for any other accessory software to start working with Local Leads Studio

Excel download

Data is downloaded in a clean simple and easy to use Excel sheet, which you can filter based on the multiple data fields. In case you wish to sell the data, excel sheet is one of the most convenient way to package the data in.

Get access to Reliable Data

Local Leads Studio will pull in 10 types of data for you! Using these details you can reach out to your local business in multiple ways. From physical meetings, to mailers you can do it all!

What data can you extract?

Business Name
Business Website
Business Address
Phone number
Hour of operation
Business listing is claimed or not

Is Local Leads Studio for ME?

YES it is if:

  • You are a Newbie looking to make some easy money online by selling scraped business data
  • You are a business dealing in physical products which you would like to market to more local business
  • You are a small or medium business dealing in any service that you wish to sell to other local businesses
  • If you are an internet marketer looking for more clients
  • If you are an affiliate marketer looking to sell more products/services locally

How can I Make Money using Local Leads Studio?

  • Virtual Assistant
    Assign the excel sheet to a Virtual Assistant and direct the VA to visit each site manually and contact the business owner via the contact us page form to promote your service/ product
  • Cold Calling
    Assign a VA to cold call the business
  • Hard Selling
    Drop by the business’s office in person to promote your service/ product.
  • Promote your Services:
    1. Filter business with very few reviews or very low rating and reach out to them personally in order to pitch them your service and impress upon them the difference you can make for their business vis-a-vis their competitors
    2. Reach out to businesses with incomplete data, like lack of images no mention of timings. These are most likely unclaimed listings. Pitch the business the advantage of claiming their listing.
    3. Filter out all the unclaimed businesses and reach out to them personally or via email. An unclaimed business is an awesome opportunity. It indicates that the business owner is not much active or aware of the digital space. So you are sure to bag the client if you play your cards right.
  • ScrapeBox
    Upload the website URLs into Scrapebox, scrape the email ID and send mass mailers to promote your product/service, or simply use contact form filler in Scrapebox to fill contact form.
  • GSA Website Contact:
    Use smart contact form filler like GSA’s. Upload the websites which you get from Local Lead Studio in it and reach out to the business via their contact form. Contact forms have the highest opening and successful delivery rate as compared to any mass emailing service.


Who is it for?

For every proactive business person, who wants to take the destiny of her/his business in their own hands. Local Leads Studio is for the Go getter, who know what they want and aren’t afraid to reach for it.

Why I need it?

Because it is cheaper than any other marketing technique you might use to get in leads for your business. Plain and simple! And it comes with a small lifetime license fee.

What other resources will I require?

Nothing! The data that Local Leads Studio scrapes for you is good in itself. All you need to do is act on the data and make money from it.

Do I need any Technical Expertise?

No Local Leads Studio is simple easy to use plugin. Just one click to scrape your data, and 1 more to save it! It is as simple as that no technical details, no expertise.

Can I use it in tandem with other software’s?

Yes absolutely. You can use the data pulled by Local Leads Studio with Scrapebox, GSA Website Contact, and many others.

What is your refund policy?

We do not offer refunds so kindly read all the details and check the video and then buy it, if you purchased and not able to use it, kindly send a support ticket on support@

Will it work with Windows and Mac both?

Yes, As it is a chrome extension, it can work on any PC which has Google Chrome Installed.

In how many computers can I install it?

The License is only for one PC. if we find it used on multiple PCs, your license will get suspended.