Automated Pagination Addon

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So Why invest your time in manual scraping?

Local Leads Studio has the perfect Add-on for you!

Take Local Leads Studio to the next level with the ‘Automated Pagination Add –on’

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No more need to click on the next page manually, just enter the number of pages you wish to scrape and hit enter. Relax back and watch as the data gets scraped for you on complete automation

A nifty plugin to help you save your time and your Virtual Assistant Salary as well!

At just $30 it is a steal!!

Make sure to purchase the Local Leads Studio license before you purchase the add-on because the Add-on will work with Local Leads Studio only

How to Use:

  1. Purchase Local Leads Studio license
  2. Install it on your chrome browser
  3. Purchase the ‘Automated Pagination Add-on’
  4. Go to your Local Leads Studio extension, there you can see a ‘Add-on’ icon. Enter the license details there.
  5. You are ready to go
  6. Enter your keyword in Google maps and Enter the number of pages you wish to scrape and hit go.
  7. Data will be automatically scraped and made available to you for download.
  8. Save the file and use the data as you wish to.

License Details

Expiration Never. (Lifetime license)
Limit Unlimited uses and activations.


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